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1776 – 1776 represents such a formative time in our country’s history.  For this design we thought our patriotic / Christian clothes company would pay homage to the year of our independence by giving you ‘1776 California style’.  Enjoy!

One Nation Patriotic / Christian Apparel – The Pledge of Allegiance plays a huge role in the theme of our brand and the graphic art of our shirts.  In this design we are emphasizing the nation in which we live, and the God whom we serve.

Liberty & Justice Ladies Patriotic T-Shirts – Say hello to the Ladies themselves!

L&J Map – It is our sincere prayer that by supporting our Christian / patriotic company you will help put L&J Apparel on the map!

Liberty & Justice for All – Simple and straightforward Christian / patriotic clothing design available on our soft ¾ Raglan Baseball T

Our Freedom Christian / Patriotic Shirts – This is one of our favorite designs.  We hope that subtle messages like this will help to spark positive conversations with friends, family, and complete strangers.  Our Freedom through the Blood…

By His Stripes Christian T-shirts – This is our take on Isaiah 53:5. Here we use the connotation of His Stripes to invoke a deep reverence for the stripes of our own flag.

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